Jalan Bangket

Year of Completion: 2015
Jalan Bangket

Hear From the Home Owner

My Family Contractor, repeated customer since 1999

I hired Mr Ng 20 years ago and he has renovated all my houses since then. He is my family contractor. Mr Ng is very detailed oriented and creative. His design suggestions were creative, aesthetically beautiful yet practical. He has a team of experienced workers who trouble shoot any problems they encounter on site with Mr Ng’s guidance.

Mr Ng is an experienced professional in his field, ever ready to provide solutions and alternatives to many problems I encountered during my renovations.

Five years ago, I did major renovation to my current home. Mr Ng planned and executed excellently. My home is in great condition even today as he takes a personal interest in the after service. He even did my daughter’s apartment and she is really happy with it.

Mrs R