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Renovation Review

I engaged Thiam Huat through a friend’s recommendation. I found him to be very professional and has a good eye for detail. He managed the renovation of my 4 room HDB flat. I was impressed with the quality and workmanship that he and his team delivered.

He is a great project manager that can help to tie all aspects of a home renovation together from painting, to false ceilings, electrical works, etc. I highly recommend Thiam Huat if you’re looking for a contractor that will deliver up to the mark.

Lionel G

Kitchen Renovation

I contacted Mr Ng Thiam Huat of Pavilon to renovate my kitchen in March 2019. During the discussion phase, the boss, Thiam Huat, came to meet me numerous times to view the floor plan of my kitchen and to understand our usage of it. Throughout those meet-ups, he was very patient in recommending the designs of the cabinets, the materials used, as well as the counter tops and basin to install that are most ideal for our usage.

He was never pushy and was understanding in providing us multiple options for us to decide upon when we expressed concerns of our former kitchen setup. His staff were also friendly and professional in their jobs, providing us with minimal inconvenience over the course of the renovation work.

I would recommend him unreservedly if you are looking for a reliable and hassle-free renovation contractor for your home.


Renovation of HDB Executive Appt (Pasir Ris Dr 10)

We have a few meetings with Shui Min (owner of Pavilon BC) to discuss and decide upon the design of the renovation plan. Shui Min is very aware of our family lifestyle in the design plan of our home renovation. We have a few custom design requirements in which Shui Min has delivered impeccably. His project management & creativity was greatly tested because he has to manage the renovation work my family was staying in the apartment while the renovation was taking place. This, he has done a fantastic job in helping us to live-in comfortably. The work involved 2 toilets, the whole kitchen, levelling of the balcony from the living room. We greatly appreciated that.

On the whole, Shui Min took pride in ensuring the project to be completed timely, efficiently, and in top quality. He always responded very quickly and promptly to request and issues arises. His teams performed expertly in their trade and with excellent workmanship.

Shui Min himself is very detail-oriented with aesthetically design suggestions.
Overall, Shui Min is highly professional, great quality sense and project management capability.

Daniel M.

5-RM HDB Renovation

Mr. Ng is recommended by a colleague. He’s very responsible and dependable. He did an excellent job to renovate my 5-RM HDB flat. We engaged him to renovate our kitchen, 2 bathrooms and also painting for the whole unit. Workmanship is excellent and materials used are of good quality. Any minor defects are quickly resolved and he remains helpful even after the renovation project. Strongly recommend his service.

Karine L.

Design and installation of kitchen cabinet

We engaged Pavilon Building Contractor to design a new kitchen cabinet in Nov 2015. Our old kitchen cabinet had to be torn down at that time due to a water pipe leak inside the old cabinet. It was truly a pleasure working with them as they were very professional and friendly and provided us with numerous advice and visited us multiple times to ensure they understand our requirements and also that we understood clearly the options that were available to us.

The work by their team was also very professionally done. They managed to tear down the old cabinet with minimum disruption to us and everything in our HDB flat was properly covered during the works. The new cabinet looks great and all the cabinet doors were all aligned properly, which is a good testament to their workmanship. We are very happy with their work and professionalism and we highly recommend them.

Anthony GL L.

A Home I Love To Come Home To

Mr Ng was recommended to me by my Brother and his company renovated my toilets in 2012. We were pleased with his workmanship and called him back to do our kitchen in 2018. I can say one thing about Mr Ng. He is a man of his word and a reliable one. I have heard horror stories of Contractors from my friends but I am pleased to say that he is an honest one. He also delivers good work and tries to work within our budget and our timeline. If it cannot be done, he was also upfront. His workers are also professionals and prompt. I have always dreamt of my kitchen being an open concept and having it closed up when we do heavier cooking. Mr Ng sourced for ideas and made improvisions to make it a workable one for us. I will certainly engage him for future works in my home.


Renovation of HDB 3Room

They have given me suggestions to wait for the proposed HDB upgrading to renovate at the same time to avoid the hassles and mess of 2 renovations. The renovation was done just after HDB upgrading and the timing was perfect. They have arranged their sub-contractors to come in at different timing to avoid too many workers in the house at the same time. Completion of the renovation was as mentioned in the contract.

Janis Z.

Highly Recommended Renovation & ID Specialist

I decided to use Mr Ng’s ID and renovation services – Pavilon Building Contractor based on a friend’s recommendation and I am very glad that I did. From the word go, I find Mr Ng to be a very reliable and detailed person. During our consultation sessions, Mr Ng is very patient and listens attentively to all my ideas and he knows how to translate my ideas perfectly. He also provides suggestions to improve on my ideas and at times he even persuades me not to do certain things so that I do not spend unnecessarily. I am appreciative about him on this to help keep my renovation costs within my budget. He keeps me updated frequently on the progress of the renovation and is always there whenever I call to check on anything thus making the renovation period a breeze and absolutely stress free. He takes his work seriously and professionally and he co-ordinates very well with his team of experts to provide the utmost quality workmanship. I am also very impressed that his teams speak very highly of him which just proves his integrity and honesty not only to his customers but to his teams as well. Mr Ng and his teams always ensures everything is done to impeccable perfection, within timeline and budget. I am very glad I had Mr Ng to rely on for my renovations. Till now all the carpentry and other works are still in good condition. I will highly recommend him to anybody looking for a contractor/ID.


Review of Kallang Trivista 4-Room Flat Renovation Nov 2016, Project Value: $38K

We engaged Mr. Ng to do our house renovation back in Nov 2016 and are very pleased with the results. Below are some reasons why:

One stop/Fuss-free: Coordinating of contractors were all done by Mr. Ng. We just have to liaise with him alone. He had good recommendations as to where to buy our floor tiles, hardware and lightings. The shops also gave us discounts because they knew Mr. Ng.

Experienced/gives practical advice: Mr. Ng would advise us against certain designs ideas that we wanted if they were not practical or would not turn out nice.

Clear picture of how the house will turn out: Mr. Ng would provide us blueprints and 3D visualizations of how the renovation will turn out so that we could decide whether we like the choices we had made. The actual results were very close to the 3D visualizations.

Organized: Mr. Ng was very organised. He would write down everything that we discuss during meetings. On the day where we were supposed to purchase lightings for our house, he could tell us exactly how many lights we need and for which part of the house. This made the whole purchasing process very fast and smooth. We didn’t have to think about anything.

Flexible: Mr. Ng was always willing to accommodate to our last-minute design changes, which we appreciated.

Good workmanship: We are very happy with the workmanship of Mr. Ng’s team of contractors. Our guests also commended the same. Other than natural wear and tear, all the carpentry works are still holding up well so far, even after 3 years.

Good after-service: Mr. Ng is very responsible. He was willing to answer all our questions even after the renovation was done. He was willing to fix or replace anything that was not done properly without additional cost.

call to check on anything thus making the renovation period a breeze and absolutely stress free. He takes his work seriously and professionally and he co-ordinates very well with his team of experts to provide the utmost quality workmanship. I am also very impressed that his teams speak very highly of him which just proves his integrity and honesty not only to his customers but to his teams as well. Mr Ng and his teams always ensures everything is done to impeccable perfection, within timeline and budget. I am very glad I had Mr Ng to rely on for my renovations. Till now all the carpentry and other works are still in good condition. I will highly recommend him to anybody looking for a contractor/ID.

Samuel C.

Excellent Service

We hired Pavilon BC because it was highly recommended by our friends. Mr Ng was very attentive during our discussion and he really understood our needs. We went through a few rounds of amendments and were quite accommodating to accept our suggestions. The renovation went well and it was completed on time. We actually engaged Pavilon BC the 2nd time when we needed to remodel our balcony. Their post-renovation service was excellent. Some minor touch-up was needed due to wear and tear and they still responded to my request after so many years.

Anna Y.

Well-coordinated project n efficient time management

All my past 2 houses reno were done by Mr Ng Thiam Huat. Have been a returned customer for past 30 years or so. This present one is no exception. Mr Ng is responsible, trustworthy and well-trained. Capable to complete the project on time given without compromising on quality. When issues pop up, he’s able to propose solutions n handled things properly. Whatever needs l required he would offer his advice n proposal. Am impressed with his team of workers who has been with him for a long time for their good workmanship. What l particularly like is that after the project has been completed, Mr Ng is still willing and responsive to address minor issues that has occurred.

On the whole l have had a good working relationship with him all these years and all the projects are well coordinated with efficient time management. Services provided by Mr Ng n his team are impeccable.


Excellent work & finishing

Mr Ng did excellent work during the 3 months renovation. He supervised all without my involvement which was great due to my heavy work commitment. It was a huge comfort to me that Mr Ng was more careful than me. I never asked him how much the job would cost but he always gave sound ethical advice which engendered trust. Total project cost was SGD 146,000 for my 4-storey house. Exemplary work indeed. Great after sales service too which I am enjoying to today.

Jennifer L.

Never disappointed- Top notch workmanship, coordination and customer service.

I have used Mr Ng at least 4 times for all my renovation needs. He is very meticulous and has always exceeded my expectations. He also works closely with our needs e.g. he will make sound recommendations to help you to reduce the renovation costs if it is possible. With regards to his follow up and coordinating with the respective people in charge of the works e.g. the carpentry, electrician etc, he does it so smoothly such that there is no delay in the completion of the renovations, in a timely fashion. The workmanship is also well done. The after-service care is also good. Mr Ng will follow up on any issues even after the renovation is completed and we have moved in, which gives us a peace of mind. I have recommended Mr Ng on numerous occasions to my relatives and friends as I am confident that he will always deliver. All the people that I have recommended only have good things to say about him. This is the go-to place for all your renovation needs. Strongly and highly recommended.

William T.

Efficient, Reliable, Attention to Details and Peace of Mind

When we undertook our second renovation project, we hired the service of Mr Ng Thiam Huat from Pavilon Building Contractor for the first time. He was recommended to us by our sister-in-law. She has used his services several times and is full of praise for his reliability. The first impression that Mr Ng gave us when we contacted him was his efficiency. He promptly set up an appointment with us to view the property so that he can take measurements and to take note of any details that may not be visible in a floor plan. We started our project in Oct and we wanted the project to completed in Dec. We did not have a lot of time. Also, this project is massive. We required hacking of tiles, walls, removal of existing fixtures and rewiring. Also, we were leaving Singapore in Dec and we would not be there in person to handle any discussion with Mr Ng. Mr Ng demonstrated his excellence in project management skills. He promptly set up 4-5 weekly appointments with clear objectives on what we were going to discuss. The meetings were intense but rewarding because at the end of each meeting, we can see that we are closer to what our dream home will look like. Mr Ng paid close attentions to details. When we told him our requests and wants for the home, he carefully listens, sketches and makes measurements on his draft to see if our ideas are feasible. This is definitely something I like about a contractor. His close attention to details and his constant measurements ensure that every fixture we have requested fitted in nicely. This is a very rare quality that you don’t find in most contractors, but this is also a very important quality for a contractor. Next, Mr Ng and his wife then took us shopping for tiles and fixtures for the house. Mrs Ng has an excellent taste and is able to help us pick up fixtures that fit the modern minimalist look that we wanted. Mr Ng on the hand was busy measuring the fixtures we pick to make sure that they will fit into the building plan. Once again, Mr Ng’s attention to details gave me a peace of mind. Finally, Dec came, we left Singapore for our 5 weeks vacation and left the project to Mr Ng and his team. Never once was I worried that my project will go bad. I had faith in Mr Ng because Mr Ng has proven to me that he is reliable through our earlier interactions. Moreover, Mr Ng has great experience and is able to ensure that all necessary areas for discussion to sort out our wants in this renovation project had already been collected before we left Singapore. Many friends were surprised that I went for a 5 weeks long vacation and leaving my renovation project in the hands of the contractor. But Mr Ng and his team have proven themselves to be a reliable contractor. His attention to details ensured that the project went smoothly and he did not have to contact me whilst I was overseas to seek my opinion to make changes to the plans. When we returned in early Jan, we were really delighted to see our dream home turning out exactly the way we saw in the mock up that Mr Ng showed us before we left. Mr Ng is truly reliable and gave us a peace of mind and we will use his service again in future.

Joanne A.

Renovation for BTO 3 rooms flat

The renovation was overall well done and with proper supervision to ensure the quality of workmanship throughout the renovation project. No problem in communication with Mr Ng and Mrs Ng, they responded to my request promptly. They were able to propose solutions to meet my needs, high efficiency, able to meet the dateline. Mr and Mrs Ng are really perfect partner, good service, worth recommending.

L.BH Amy

Kitchen Renovation

Mr Ng is a very experienced and competent contractor. He provided valuable inputs on our proposed kitchen renovation plans. After we confirmed the scope of the works, he furnished a detailed schedule which was adhered to throughout the course of the works. He provided regular updates and was always able to respond promptly whenever we had questions.

There were no delays. The works were completed in a timely manner and according to schedule. The carpentry and workmanship for the kitchen cabinets are excellent. He was also able to keep within our budget. It was a stress-free renovation and no post-works rectifications were required. We highly recommend Pavilon Building Contractor.


Efficient management of competent teams of workers and meticulous coordination

My husband and I engaged the services of MrNg Thiam Huat when we renovated our kitchen in 2017 as we had full confidence in him to be able to carry out the task to completion with excellence. It was not the first time we had engaged his services so we were not disappointed as usual. Infact, when we first met him two decades ago,we were so impressed by his ability to communicate clearly and coherently his plans for the renovation of our brand-newhouse. This was such a major undertaking for us and we were naturally apprehensive about the choice of contractor, the financial costs and the final outcome However, MrNg was so professional and had this amazing team of experts who were so competent in their trade. We really valued his knowledgeable input and wise advice as we were young newlyweds then who lacked experience about setting up a home. I am so thankful that he helped to make my dream of having a country style home come true.In fact, many friends and relatives were so impressed by the fine quality of the workmanship and the aesthetically pleasing design that they all ended up hiring his services too. Given his track record of superb workmanship, we were once again able to entrust the 2017 project to him without the need to hound him about the progress. In addition, he was also very prompt in his response to queries and our requests for changes. The efficient manner in which he managed his teams of workers and his meticulous coordination of the entire project convinced us beyond doubt that we had made a wise choice. All in all, we have been blessed to have him as our contractor and we will surely want his services for our future renovations.

Nesa M.

House Renovation

Communicated clearly before starting work.

Provided clear budget and schedule.

Responsive to feedback.

Completed work on schedule.

Reasonable pricing and did not compromise on quality of material.

Design was simple and practical.

Accommodating to changes and prompt follow up service.

Friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend this contractor.

Lynn Y.

Very good experience with the contractor!

We engaged Mr Ng after reviewing through a few IDs and found his proposal the best and most value for money. He is very experienced and offered many valuable tips to help us save cost and time without compromising on the design.

During the renovation, he was down at the house regularly to supervise his workers. He also provided us with timely updates and discussed with us when any problems arise.

Mr Ng did a very good job for our house, including quality carpentry. We highly recommend him!

PF Emma

Excellent workmanship and good after sale service

Mr Ng Thaim Huat was our designer and project co-ordination, he provided professional ideas and practical solutions to our renovation requirements, he managed his workers well and his workers able to provide good workmanship with the tight schedule. This the second renovation for the same home provided by the same building contractor. Most important is the after sales service, Mr Ng able to response within hour for the minor worn and torn issues and send his workers to rectify the issue within days. Overall, we had a very good experience and we would definitely go back to him again.

Kong KM

Dec 2015 Reno

It was a pleasing experience with Mr Ng Thiam Huat from Pavilon Building Contractor, even when it was on Dec 2015 we were handed the completely renovated house. I still remember the good and friendly service offered to us by Mr Ng.

From choosing the basic paint on the walls, to choosing the colours of our built-in cupboards, to helping us laying out the sophisticated network cables for the whole house and to choosing the right design for our floor tiles.Mr Ng had been with us helping out with all he could in order to give us the perfect house that we wanted.

He even helped us find a good source for air-conand also brought us to places to find kitchen sink, toilet accessories and even window blinds which are so affordable.

There are many cases that I read online where the contractors will push for payments even though the job was not even half done, yet Mr Ng never go that way. He made sure the job is completed and made sure that we are happy with the results before allowing us to make payment, which is about $28,000 for a house that makes me so comfortable living in it.

Even months after moving into our newly renovated house, Mr Ng will contact us asking is everything well with the house.

I will reccomend Mr Ng and his team from Pavilon Building Contractor to my relatives and friends who are looking for an ID.

Sam L.

Renovation with our existing furniture intact.

After living in our flat for over 20 years, we decided to give a simple new facelift to our home. As we do not have any place to store our existing furniture, Thiam Huat was very helpful throughout since he took our project. He doesn’t say “cannot be done” but gives us good alternative solutions. He’s very detailed and gives his full attention on our home renovation. Initially, I was rather irritated that he called every now and then as I’m working. But after listening to his explanations, I began to respect his concern. Thiam Huat and his wife will come down to supervise his staffs every day and his team mates are really very professional. He’ll update me the work progress every day. Overall, I’m rather happy with Pavilion Building Contract and am glad that we have chosen the right contractor.

Rebecca T.

No Frills Renovation

I wanted something simple, easy to maintain and Thiam Huat was very patient in guiding me along. I chose my own tiles and he offered some suggestions in some areas such as colours of windows and doors. He was usually aided by his lovely wife and his enthusiastic son.

He helped me conceal the wires and air con pipes and was accommodating to requests. Overall, the workmanship was good and the delivery, timely. Probably not the cheapest contractor out there. But you get what you pay for! And, 4 years on, my place still looks as good as when I first shifted in.

Gabriel G.

Job well done for bathroom and other renovation

We engaged Mr Ng to have a complete renovation of our bathroom and also other renovation works. We are very satisfied with the design and the quality of the work. Due to the nature of the work, he also helped to protect the house from the dust of the renovation. The work was done on schedule as projected so that we do not have to vacate the house for longer than is necessary. He has a high professional standard and his team of workers are very reliable. Outside of renovation works, whenever we have minor electrical or plumbing problems, we can always get his workers to help us fix even though these are very small jobs.

Patrick Y.

Repeated customer as Mr Ng is a trustworthy ID-contractor

Company – Pavilon Building Contractor, Mr Ng Thiam Huat

1) Project Date – Sep 2016, Project Value ~ $14K

2) Project Date – Mar 2007, Project Value ~ $50K

I am JL, a repeated customer of Mr Ng Thiam Huat’s ID-contractor services.

My recent project was my 2 bedrooms + study condo, whereby most of the interior works have been provided by the developer. However, we still need lighting, painting and basic carpentry works in our living room, dining area and study/office room. Even when there is no major renovation required, Mr Ng still ensured the quality of work delivered and gave us good advice when I wanted a customised built dining table to fit our limited dining space. He also completed the project on time. 3 years have passed& the carpentry works remained in good shape.

The earlier project was a major overhaul of a 5-bedroom HDB flat of about 20 years. We entrusted Mr Ng to make major overhaul renovation, including hacking toilets/changing the storeroom, building new carpentry works in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, repainting and rewiring of the lighting. Fast forward 10+ years, the flat remained in good condition (with regular maintenance and cleaning) and still impress visitors and enjoyed our stay.

Overall, Mr Ng is a trust worthy ID-contractor who is also practical in his recommendations. If something is not worth doing, he will advise us not to spend our budget in that area. Mrs Ng is also his trusted support and responsive in her replies. I have also recommended Mr Ng to 2 other friends & they have engaged his service for their home renovations.

Hope you will look for Mr Ng in your renovation requests.


Pleasant Experience

Pavilon was recommended by my family friend who had engaged their renovation service for several new apartments.

The owner Mr. Ng has more than 20 years of solid experience and provide straight to the point, logical, economical and presentable options

I was overseas and relied on Mr. Ng for quick and effective communication, and high efficiency in information sharing and option available.

Both myself, my father and our relatives and friends were impressed and pleasantly surprised by the fine workmanship demonstrated in the cabinets, windows and overall details.

We had a very happy Lunar New Year gathering in our New Apartment after the renovation. Thanks To Mr. & Mrs Ng.

Jenny F.

HDB 4-room total revamp, totally what I wanted.

Recommended to Thiam Huat from a relative. Spoke to him briefly but he understands my style I wanted.

It was a total revamp with re-flooring, cabling, water piping and Thiam Huat always was honest and open about when is good and economical. He makes the selection process very interactive; he is participative and very responsible.

In the end, my wife and I love every part of our home and we are into our 3rd year in this home and we are very glad we engage Pavilon to do our home.

Jeremy S.

Thiam Huat is very professional, and he works excellently with his team.

Thiam Huat’s professionalism was evident from the first time I met him till the completion of the job. His service is excellent and he supervises his team well, and hence they gave excellent and efficient service too. Within a month and a half, my 4-year old apartment was transformed to something close to new, testifying to their excellent quality of work. It is such a great joy for me to live here now. Even after the renovations, Thiam Huat was ever-ready to help with a burst pipe which his plumbers came promptly to the rescue, attesting to Thiam Huat’s excellent “after-sales” service.

Cecilia S.

Great service, great advice!

A friend highly recommended Pavilon. They lived up to expectations with great knowledge, workmanship and sensitivity to budget. Not compromising on quality, they completed the reno smoothly and ahead of time. His practical advice, prompt response and clarity saved us much time and headaches. We did not have to supervise during the whole process. Everything was well executed as their schedule was spot on. Great experience. Definitely recommended!

Isaac C.

May 2018 project 7k

My experience with the company is good. They are prompt in delivery and very neat in getting their work completed. The floor leading to my balcony was covered and the workers cleaned the place daily after the debris. I am happy with the job done. Mr Ng and his team came daily to ensure the work was on schedule. Beside this job, I also assigned themothers and the different aspects were also done in time. I wouldhighly recommend him to anyone interested. From my sister who recommended him to me, she too is happy with his services. He takes the trouble to reach me to buy different items needed for the project too. I am also adviced not to get some items which he felt not necessary as it would lead to an increase in cost.

Sally W.

Pavilon Review

Designer, contractor Pavilon did a great job overhauling my more than 15 years old condo unit. He was a referral from several close friends who had engaged his services many times renovating their existing or new homes – both apartments and landed properties.

Given the timeline, budget and scheme you have in mind, he will recommend and customise to suit your every need, down to the nitty gritty details of door knobs, door frames, number/ placement of power points and brightness of lighting!

Pavilon is a one stop firm, you only have to deal with them, they will in turn liaise with all required parties, even the condo management.

Projects are completed on schedule; earlier than planned even. Very well coordinated, with regular updates on completed tasks and next phase of works.

Based on their year of experience and network of well trusted sub-contractors, you can be assured of a job well done. Minor rectifications (if any) are attended to promptly.

Once I had made my selection of tiles, class, tabletops, kitchen appliances, flooring, bathroom, interior fixtures and fittings, etc, I went on a 2 week worry free holiday; and returned with the job on schedule.

I have engaged Pavilon for 2 properties and they have always delivered to my satisfaction.

Sophia L.

Kitchen Renovation

Mr Ng offered several design proposals to suit our needs.

He is very friendly, patient and explained every detail of the design, selected material and project schedule.

He follow-up during renovation to ensure all works comply with the design and schedule.

He provided very experienced plumber, carpenter, electrician, painter who are professional and neat.

His price is competitive and it offers good quality material and workmanship.

It is hassle free and we are very satisfied with the completed work.

Keep it up. We will definitely consider them for future projects.

BK Koh

Refurbishment of 24 year old HDB flat

End 2017, I did a refurbishment of my sister’s old 4-room HDB flat in AMK. Thiam Huat came highly recommended by 2 friends; one of whom has just finished a total revamp of his 5-room flat. He spoke very highly of Thiam Huat’s professionalism and attention to details. From the start, Thiam Huat and his wife were totally patient and professional and gave useful suggestions on what needed to be changed and what we may be able to retain since we were on tight budget. The work done was prompt (3 weeks in total ready for Chinese New Year) despite the peak season for renovation. Price was reasonable and workmanship was excellent. Workmen were long time partners with Pavilon and were reliable. All in all, a very good experience and I highly recommend Thiam Huat and Pavilon Building Contractor.


My Beautiful Home

Mr Ng undertook a major renovation project for my 5 room HDB flat in Bishan. I went to Mr Ng after he did an amazing job for my mum’s 3 room flat. He is very detailed, reliable and very practical in all aspects of the project. His partners such as painters, carpenters, electrician and etc are handpicked to provide a complete suite of services. What stands out for MrNg is his thick experience and call out little details that impacts your day to day life post renovation. E.g.He would recommend drawers instead of cabinets at certain parts of the house for easy use. Mr Ng is customer obsessed and high on ownership and I absolutely love his eagle eye on details. He also provides great after project follow up when you encounter any issues. Mr Ng rocks!!!

Patricia T.

Honest and trustworthy work

Mr Ng and company advised against unnecessary items and works. Workers are polite and friendly. Work done is of standard with the appropriate follow ups.

Quality of work is good. Finish is presentable.

Mr Ng has been working on my various projects in the house from 2 shifts. My flat and my currently semi-detached.

He knows his work well and has an army of other sub-contractors to rely on for recommendations.

Sarah-Jane R.

5-Room BTO

Mr Ng was recommended by a good friend who told us that he is very experienced contractor.

He did a good job renovating our BTO always answering all our queries, always reachable and very professional.

Mr Ng does not chase us for payments and the items/materials he recommended to us are all of good quality.

Even though our renovations have completed, Mr Ng will still answer our questions or help us when we reach out to him.

Mr Ng is an honest, reliable, experience and professional contractor. We will definitely recommend him to our friends.


Customized Renovation for Movie Fan

Mr Ng from Pavilon Building Contractor personally oversaw the entire reno from conceptualization to completion. He was extremely helpful in suggesting practical designs and modifications while realizing our ideal vision of our home. Even though some of our ideas were vague, he was able to quickly sketch out and later add physical dimensions and designs, suggestions for materials and finishing for each part of the reno project including carpentry and circuitry for our many display cabinets in the condo. His son was able to provide many useful ideas and insights in our desire to make our living room audio 5.1. The finishing was of good quality and the work was promptly completed. Throughout our experience, Mr Ng managed to help us keep costs low, finished work on a timely manner and meet us frequently to discuss our ideas and changes we wanted to make as the conceptualization and realization process was completed.

Overall, we had a good experience and recommend his firm.

Jayesh J.

Renovation of a 5-room HDB flat @ project cost of 54k

I know Mr Ng through 2 other friends who had engaged him to renovate their homes and they had found him to be a responsible person who believes in delivering quality works.

From my experience, Mr Ng was very much involved in the design, details and throughout the project period. He communicated with me often during the process of the renovation works and prompt in replying to my queries. He was open to my suggestions and would counter-proposed better solutions for my agreement. He brought me to different suppliers to choose the materials required.

The team of workers had worked and co-ordinated well together. I am satisfied with the workmanship of the renovation which was completed within my time constraint. Although the total cost had exceeded what I had budgeted but I am assured of better materials and workmanship.

One area I am appreciative about Mr Ng is his spirit of excellence and trustworthiness.

L. Bee Eng

So far, the nicest home contractors I’ve worked with, fast and responsive

Was recommended to Pavilon as they had worked on some homes of fellow church members. Reviews from them are good and I contacted their project manager Derrick for help as we just got our home keys.

I have gone through 3 other contractors previously and sadly they have been challenging, rather frustrating experiences. Each one made big promises but underperformed in terms of quality and timeliness. So, you can imagine my fears of finding a reliable contractor.

When I spoke to Derrick and Thiam Huat, first thing that hit me is how down to earth and easy to get along they are. These guys are by far nothing like the previous thuggish/crude contractors I dealt with. So, I signed them for the project which came up to S$100,000 in total as there were major works involved.

On the contrary, they are mature folks with good families I got to meet later on. They speak perfect English and very professional. It is a refreshing change and I feel much needed in the reno contractor industry.

In short, they are perfect for fellow locals and expats who are tired of dealing with rough, rude types who push customers around. If you prefer liaising with gentlemen who listen carefully to your needs, who get the job done and are upfront with you about issues, no hidden costs or false promises, these guys take the cake. I speak from personal experience and this is an honest review from a paying customer.

In terms of workmanship, Project Manager Derrick monitors progress and keeps me updated almost daily with photos or videos. He contacts me when there are any concerns raised by his workmen and we iron it out together. He also accompanied us to choose tiles, bathroom fittings etc. He recommended me a shop that has excellent prices, I use them to this day.

From a customer initially, we have now become friends. I recommended them to 2 more friends who had positive experiences too. One of them being a foreign expat who was worried about being fleeced by local contractors she had met earlier. Once she spoke to Derrick, she sent me a text “he is very nice!” and she confirmed the project. At the end of their condo reno she was so pleased she bought them a thank you gift.

In summary, based on my experience with Pavilon:

1. Mature and professional way of working with you, eager to listen and committed

2. Their workmanship quality, have a look at the photos.

3. Their after-sales service is excellent. Six months after we moved in, we had a minor issue with a sink. Derrick immediately sent his guy to rectify it the next day.

If you have ever faced difficulty trying to contact your reno contractor months after you move in, this is something you will find truly useful when the issue occurs.

D. David

Renovation work for old semi-detached in D10

Pavilon was recommended to me by a good friend who had just had her house renovated by them. She was very satisfied with the result and highly recommended that I consult Mr Ng for my needs. My old semi-D was in need of a major renovation but we had a very tight timeline and I was concerned we will not be able to get it done. Pavilon gave me a proposal within 2 days of our meeting and we started work within the week. Mr Ng liaised all the sub-contractors and even brought me to select all the tiles etc. Mr Ng demands the highest standards for all the deliverables and the project was completed ahead of schedule! For the highest quality work and on time completion I definitely highly recommend Pavilon Building Contractor.

Lisa K.

Home Renovation

Mr Ng with whom I was dealing with for my home renovation came across as confident and understood clearly what I was hoping to achieve.

He got me involved in the project every step of the way. I felt engaged. The outcome was awesome.

I was impressed with the qualitative aspect of the end product and the standard he set for his workers/quality of their work and himself.

While initially, I was apprehensive as his quotes were on the higher side and a premium, after his assurances, I am glad I went ahead with Pavilon & Mr Ng. No regrets whatsoever.

Gopalan P. Nair

Honest and trustworthy interior designer who delivers what he promises

Project was completed according to schedule and within budget. Workmanship was good and ideas were good to maximise space as well as making the home look refined. Attentive to detail and ensures everything is to specification.

Will advise and give suggestions during the preliminary stages on how the design will make the home look nice and yet be practical. With an eye to maximise bang for buck. Overall someone you can trust to do a good job.


Renovation works

Ng Thiam Huat is a sincere and meticulous person who drew up a well-planned renovation works schedule and ensured that it was executed accordingly. He was personally on site each day to ensure quality delivery of works according to our requirements. I am very pleased with the final outcome and has recommended him to several of my colleagues and family members.

He was very responsive when we requested for some minor changes to our renovations works. We were also very pleased with the workmanship of his workers especially in the restoration of the parquet floor – it looked as good as new when completed.

Mooly N.

Open for discussions, trustworthy, fast rectifications even on small items.

My colleague recommended this contractor to me, in fact, he did renovations for a few of my colleagues and all are happy with their work. It is likewise for me too. My renovation was done in September 2015 at a cost of $11k.

Thiam Huat and his team was easy to deal with, making recommendations etc. I had a change of mind on the hall cabinets on how I wanted originally and was accommodated without any problems. Also had a couple of small rectifications on alignment which was taken care of very quickly.

I would say I like the carpentry work the most. I would recommend anyone to contract their services.

Lisa M.

Great and Efficient

Mr Ng is very professional and efficient. He also maintains constant communication which is very important for the renovation process. He is very receptive to our suggestions and ideas and goes above and beyond to find solutions to implement them. Workmanship is great as well. We are very happy with the final product that finished on schedule. I highly recommend him and his team without reservations.


Renovation at Flametree Park Condominium

We engaged Mr Ng to renovate our condo unit. This involves changing the toilet, construction of console table, display, kitchen and storage cabinets, changes in lighting besides painting the entire unit. Mr Ng provided us with valuable suggestions with respect to the design and materials to be used. We are pleased with the workmanship and his responsiveness to updates and changes initiated by us. The final contract sum of $38k is reasonable.

C. Peng Fun

Excellent coordination, design & execution

Work completed in Nov 2015. Thiam Huat and Team were exceptional from start to finish, able to deliver exactly what I prescribed including all the carpentry and electrics as well as redoing the floors, ceiling and walls. They were also able to help with some design aspects.

Thiam Huat is an excellent communicator, which is important when carrying out complicated work.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Pavilion to others.


Excellent After Sales Service

Sometimes choosing a right Interior Designer and renovation contractor can be challenging even if you know what you want to include for your new home.

We were impressed by Mr Ng Thiam Huat from Pavilon Building Contractor with the professionalism he displayed to us and excellent job that he and his men had done for our resale flat. We would also like to thank him for the services rendered to us.

Mr Ng is friendly and courteous. He is very patient with homeowners, especially listening to the things that homeowners want. The explanation from Mr Ng on the different materials, product comparison, etc. is specific, unambiguous and easy for homeowners to understand. His quotation included all the information, details and explanations that the homeowners need. To let us understand better, Mr Ng even showed us the 3D renderings during the discussion prior to the start of the project. One good thing about Mr Ng is that he did not limit us to how many times that we could make amendments.

We are very satisfied with the workmanship. Mr Ng’s service was excellent, especially the after sales service.

Michael C.

Great Service & Great Ideas

We had a great experience with Mr Ng and his team during our home renovation process. Mr Ng was recommended to us by a trusted friend, and after looking through his portfolio, we were glad to start our home renovation journey with him. He gave us great ideas on space management and offered us many different options for us to choose from.

We highly recommend his service to anyone looking to design their dream home.

Ian L.

Repeat Customer

I have done a number of home renovations over a number of years and each time, would unhesitatingly use the services of Mr Ng Thiam Huat. Mr Ng has years of experience and always delivered on time.

He has a range of reliable professionals working for him and often produces workmanship of high standards. Mr Ng value adds by giving sound technical as well as interior design advice. He would also go out of his way to help source for fittings that I wanted.

Mr Ng’s turn-key services are most trustworthy and reliable and therefore value for money. He is honest and does not make empty promises. I have recommended Mr Ng’s company to family and friends who have all been satisfied customers too.

Mrs Lynda L.

Window Grills Installation and Kitchen Renovation

Back in 2015, I had just given birth to my kid and wanted to install window grills in our flat for safety reasons. At that time, the kitchen stove suddenly became faulty.

We were hesitant to have a major renovation since there was a newborn in the house.

Mr Ng noted our concerns and preferences, and gave us suggestions on what to do for the renovation. Not only was the renovation done within a short span of time, it was done within our budget!

We will definitely engage Pavilon again for our future renovations.

Stacy N Desmond K.

Excellent and Impressive Contractor

I strongly recommend Pavilon Building Contractor. It has innovative and talented designers in the company, Pavilon was able to bring all these into our design concept.

As for renovation process, we felt it was really impressive. The theme of my house design was appropriate and the quality of work is great.

Pavilon has done a good job, the projects are completed on schedule, very well planned and coordinated. Whenever we went up to check the status and feedback to Mr Ng, Mr Ng always there to reply our question.

Overall given the timeline, budget and scheme you have peace in mind.

Gabriel C.

My new HDB renovation works

It’s was a great job done with good quality job.

It’s been 5 years, and my house still looks the same and new.

Did my Reno for 42K but the workmanship is more than the value I paid for and the extend of work I did is consider cheap as compared to other ID out there.

Mr. Ng and his family does a good job in helping you decide the design, great ideas and concepts and they treat you like a family friend.


Great worksmanship

Mr Ng was very patient in our request for design and workmanship is excellent. No hiccups along the way and project completed on time.

Mr Ng is also not pushy and helped us to save cost but sharing with us his experience.

Simply put, we let Mr Ng handle all the work without us having to break a sweat. We only met him a few times to decide on the designs and choosing of fixtures and toiletries.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient contractor. You don’t want to miss him.

Alex K.

Reliable and trustworthy!

We were renovating our first ever property in 2016 and were therefore quite clueless about a lot of things. When we chanced upon Thiam Huat through a recommendation by a friend, we struck gold! Thiam Huat was a reliable and dependable professional during the entire course of the renovation process – from bringing us shopping for sinks and lights to giving us ideas on how the flat could be improved. Thiam Huat was also very easy going and even more than one year after the renovation, he was on hand to help with anything that needed fixing. Fantastic during and after care service!

L. May Ling

Great service and excellent professionalism, built to last

Professional services provided by Mr. Ng who helped not only to design and recommend with professionalism but also considerate of my needs and wants. Communication was responsive and efficient able to recommend subcontractors that were able to meet our needs. The workmanship was great and carefully done with follow-ups and updates regularly. Mr. Ng was always willing to go the extra mile and assist us with even after the completion of the project and is still in touch with us many, many years after all is said and done. Highly recommended!!


Very efficient n and reliable.

Pavilon Building contractors are very reliable and efficient. The workers were very communicable and helpful.

The contractor helped to design and advice on all renovation work. Their suggestions were very acceptable. Changes to our request were made without any complaints.

The workers were very friendly. Their designs and contract work were very affordable. The work was completed within our budget. And to our desire. Items for renovation were purchased based on requirements.

I will definitely book Pavilon Building Contractors for all my future renovations, and also recommend them to all my friends and relatives

Rajam V.

Dependable and a Job well done

Thiam Huat was thorough in the project management of our reno. He has a good handle on his network of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers. We are very happy to have him as our contractor as he has shown several times he can be trusted to deliver. What we like about him is, he will give good suggestions, creative ideas, helpful reminders. Plus, he is immensely patient. The workmanship quality of his team is also excellent. So glad we found him.


Excellent workmanship

Mr Ng was our designer and co-ordinator. He had provided many good and practical ideas and solutions in our renovations needs. We are very impressed by his dedication, the workmanship of his workers, contractors and had never failed to perform. You can fully trust his team and the quality of work they perform without micromanaging.

This is the second home that he has renovated for us. He has also been engaged by my other family members and friends. Guaranteed satisfaction at a reasonable price!!! Highly recommended!!

Janine JJ

Flat make over

Was introduced by friend and after viewing my friend’s house decided to engage this company to help me design my kitchen, room furniture and to renovate whole house.

Designer can meet my needs and able to propose solutions.

Quite happy with their design and workmanship

Designers are responsive, for changes and rectification.

They showed me the drawing, colour code and respond to changes before the start of the renovation.


Renovation for 4 rm hdb

Mr Ng is an experience contractor without a doubt. Given it was my first house reno, he has given me many advice on what things to look out for and to avoid those unnecessary cost. Professional and friendly. Reasonable quotation for the quality of work he has put in. After 5 years, my place is still the same as it was initially. Would definitely refer my friends and family if they were to look for reno.

Sean S.

Good Reno Contractor 🙂

My wife and I had a very positive experience with Thiam Huat. We heard from a friend about his quality of work and decided to give him a shot. He gave very good suggestions about certain choices for our home, especially since we were first time homeowners, we didn’t really know what we wanted. When we had particular requests, Thiam Huat provided professional advise as to whether it was feasible or realistic. We highly recommend his services! He also took the initiative to check in with us from time to time to let us know the progress of the renovations, which gave us reassurance that things were in order. Very reliable and trustworthy.

Roger Y.

Fast and reliable. Quality workmanship and material

We had a tight timeline to renovate our kitchen as the estate was also undergoing upgrading project. Mr Ng and his team was able to come up with the design and completed the renovation within a month.

Result was good and gave our home a good facelift!

Price was reasonable given the quality of material chosen. Mr Ng was also helpful with some additional fixtures and touch up for other parts without asking for extra fees.


Good Overall experience!

As a new resale homeowner, Thiam Huat was really helpful in assisting us in making the right decisions regarding what we should, or should not replace. He also provided very practical advise.

Through our consultations, we felt assured that our renovation works were in good hands.

Impressed by the overall workmanship and finishing he provided.

Highly recommended!

Isaac C.

Excellent workmanship & Professional service with a personal touch!

My husband and I first engaged Pavilon Building Contractor to renovate our apartment upon a friend’s recommendation many years back. The result was fantastic, all our friends were impressed with the design and the workmanship. So when we got our new place, we went back to Pavilon. The problem was that we were stationed overseas. We had to communicate with Thiam Huat through WhatsApp and with the 12 hours difference, it was tough. However, Thiam Huat was very efficient, he could understand what we wanted and was able to advise and give constructive suggestions. Since we were not present, sometimes we would “just go with anything”. But Thiam Huat and his team did not take advantage of this, he was very particular with his choices of colours and materials, he made sure he gave us what was best and within our budget. When we relocated back to Singapore, we moved in to a cleaned up and nicely renovated place.

I must say that communication was a breeze even though it’s long distance and workmanship was as first time, excellent! No cutting corners. And what impressed me most is the attitude, they renovated the apartment like how they would have done for their own, best quality, best workmanship and within budget!

C. Wei Leow

Peace of mind for your renovation with Mr Ng – unbeatable reliability & quality

My family and I have hired Mr Ng on several occasions. He takes a lot of pride in ensuring the renovation project/s are completed timely and in top quality. He always responds very quickly and has a good team of experts in their trade with excellent workmanship. Mr Ng is very detail- oriented and his design suggestions were aesthetically nice yet practical. An experienced professional in his field, he was able to provide solutions and alternatives to both my husband and I for consideration. He also goes out of his way to provide and source for new solutions. I undertook a major renovation in 2017. Mr Ng managed, planned and executed the entire project excellently despite time constraints (I had to complete the renovation in a relatively short span of time), including conducting numerous brainstorming meetings and discussions between us and with members of his team to ensure the best outcome for the renovations. Mr Ng is truly a rare gem who holds himself and his work to a high level of professional standard, upholding quality as well as trustworthiness.


Delivered as promised!

With super tight project deadline, Thiam Huat took up the project and delivered the renovation on schedule. Everyday we got updates on the progress of the works. Things were explained to us.

He is an honest and straight forward contractor to deal with. Was willing to get his guys to help rectify defects of ex-owner’s renovation at a small fee to meet our budget or suggest alternatives versus advising us to tear and rebuild.

Even after project completion, move-in and full payment, he’s responsive and quick to address queries, requests for help/advice, or to send his guys down to rectify slight issues.


Renovation of 4-rm HDB at Henderson Vue.

This is my first experience in engaging Pavilon Contractor and overall am very satisfied with their service.

They were able to recommend and propose designs and solutions to all our needs and requirements. Some of the ideas and recommendations were beyond my intentions.

I must say I am satisfied with the quality and workmanship provided.

There is no dispute with monies and in fact, I only settled the full amount when the whole renovation was completed.

Also happy and relief that the whole renovation was completed within my budget and promised dateline.


Renovation works 4-room Amk BTO.

Mr Ng was recommended by a close friend who informed me that he is a very experienced contractor in this field.

Both myself and my wife had zero experience in renovation and relied heavily on Mr Ng’s expertise. He took time explaining and gave us precious advice in the project and displayed knowledge and professionalism throughout. The first few meetings fell mainly on weekends, and even a public holiday, but Mr Ng showed no signs of unhappiness and gave us a lot of assurances.

Finally, after a few meetings we were happy to engage the services of your company due to the services we had gotten from Mr Ng. The entire project was nicely planned and started accordingly as scheduled.

Being a super responsible and meticulous person, Mr Ng ensured that all the materials and works were done according to his standard. Throughout the entire project, he was always ready to answer to our queries or concerns, and never failed us in his deliveries.

We are truly glad that we had engaged his services which was excellent and nothing short of commendable. Our unit was done up beautifully with me and my wife extremely satisfied.

We will definitely be recommending your company should any of our friends or relatives decided to have a renovation project in the future, especially to Mr Ng and his team.

Once again, our heartfelt gratification to Mr Ng for the wonderful job done.

Anz C.

Kitchen Renovation

Contractor offer several design proposals to suit our needs.

Is very friendly, patient and explains every detail of the design, selected materials and project schedule.

Follow up during renovation to ensure the work complies with the design and schedule.

Provide very experienced carpenter, plumber, electrician and painter who are professional and neat.

Competitive pricing with offering of good quality material and workmanship.

Hassle free and very satisfied with the completed project.

Keep it up!

Will definitely consider them for future project.

Redhill O.

Great workmanship with great value

We contacted Mr Ng before we got our house and told him about our design & ideas and once he sees the unit, he was quick to get his designer to come out with the 3D design and renovation started once he got the approval from the management.

The workmanship of the carpentry was excellent and Mr Ng was very detailed and patient with us when we were choosing our materials.

We had recommended a few friends to use his service & everyone are happy with his works!

Joyce Y.

Excellent job done

I was introduced to Mr Ng by a good friend who has known him for 30 years as contractor and friend. I engaged him to renovate my apartment while I was still stationed overseas. He is very reliable, the project was delivered on time in move in condition. The workmanship was also very good and cost was kept within the agreed budget. The best of all, I did not have to come back to Singapore to inspect the progress, he kept me updated on the progress timely and provided me with the good suggestions via telephone calls and photos, this gave me the peace of mind that the renovation is in good hands. He is cost conscious as well, he gave me valuable advise on cost saving. In additional to all these, one of the many things I am very grateful of is his personal service of bringing and advising me in choose tiles, WC and lights when I am back to Singapore for a short trip.


Terrace House Minor Renovation (Kitchen Cabinet, Backyard Roofings, etc)

I engaged Ng TH for a small reno project (comprising new kitchen cabinet, back yard awning & polycarbonate roofing, various electrical & plumbing work) in Jan 2018.

He has been my “go-to” reno contractor over the last 20+ years, starting with my 1st HDB flat and my current terrace house which I have occupied for 18 years. The key reasons being:

• His good in-house design team and ready pool of highly skilled & reliable workers, which he manages well. Different teams of workers & activities are coordinated tightly, and the overall project run smoothly & promptly within the agreed duration.

• He makes good & reasonable design recommendations & trade-offs, after listening to our requirements & preferences.

We are happy with the look & quality of the new kitchen cabinet and backyard awning & roofing. His workers were prompt in following-up on minor rectifications post-installations.

I will use him again for future reno work.

Richard L.

Delivered the project on time without compromising on quality

Our renovation went really well as Mr Ng personally oversaw the whole project. He gave us a peace of mind and managed his team of workers very well. The workmanship was superb too. This isn’t our first time engaging him so we knew what to expect. We were responsible for the design and he was able to follow instructions very clearly. Most importantly, he was able to deliver the project on time as promised, without compromising on quality. Overall, we had a very good experience and we would definitely go back to him again.


Truly Satisfied With Their Excellent Service

– Good service.

– Prompt attention and reply.

– Close Follow up on handover by each individual contractor such as carpentry, Plumbers works.

– Personally checks to ensure that all works are carried out accordingly.

– Arrangements of timings are accurate so no unnecessary wasting of time.

– Attends to all requests with good ideas and solutions.

– Pricing reasonable and competitive.

I will definitely introduce my family and friends to look for Mr Ng when they need someone trustable to renovate their homes.

A. Eng Toon