Year of Completion: 2018

Hear From the Home Owner

Reliable and Excellent Workmanship
Thiam Huat was engaged to renovate our cluster home at a cost of $85k which was within our Budget.

Design wise, he was able to suggest ideas and yet at the same time open to receiving ideas from us. During the entire process, he kept us updated regularly and I trusted him and his team to carry out the work professionally. We were happy with the final outcome and the quality of the build.
One of the “small” things I recalled was the trimming of our display shelves which was created from an original partition wall (so as to create a more spacious feel to the living room). Thiam Huat was adamant to have the black trimming over the wooden laminate which I originally thot was unnecessary. But as it turns out he was right. The protruding black trimming against the white wall was classy and pleasing to the eye. The display became a centrepiece in my living room.

Thiam Huat is a trustworthy renovation contractor which is why we chose him to renovate 3 of our houses each time we shift over a span of nearly 2 decades!

Silas S