Bendemeer Road

Year of Completion: 2018
Bendemeer Road

Hear From the Home Owner

Home Renovation (Project cost $125k)

This is only our 3rd Home relocation and a friend recommended Mr Ng for our renovation project. We were thankful that Mr Ng made it so glorious and easy for us since we need to prepare to move from our previous home. As this is likely our last home, we wanted to have a good outcome for our new place and Mr Ng helps us to achieve what we wanted

Mr Ng walked the extra mile for us knowing our desires. Our ideas matched most of the time and, from his experience eyes, the suggestions he made for the entire project was reasonable and practical and save us quite a bit in cost and headaches. He brought us to secure the purchase of tiles, lighting, sanitary wares, kitchen equipment & so on – his professionalism was evident in assisting the selection to blend with the desired outcome.

We had the honour of having Ms Sriwan, his better half, to give us further input to make our home cosy and nice. It was an extra help that comes without cost.
The supervision of workmanship & work rate was very evident because there were no dispute from our side as far as quality finishing goes. We were constantly updated on the progress and improvements were made during the 3 months that we took to complete the project (we were in no hurry and we wanted quality so time was not of the essence) with our consent, etc

Had been a wonderful experience during this renovation project with Mr Ng. Would definitely grade him 9.5/10 & would recommend him to my friends as well.